The r.a.r.e. community is a social media network not connected to any other existing social media platforms, designed for chronic, invisible, mental, or rare disease warriors. It was created by a disabled warrior to be a place for chronically ill or disabled warriors to connect with others who have similar conditions & experiences in a positive environment meant to keep divisive topics out.

the mission

To support and spread awareness for chronic, mental, invisible, and rare diseases and the souls affected by them.


It's free to join The R.A.R.E. Community!

to Empower and spread visual representation of all chronic, invisible, mental, and rare diseases.

To encourage art as a distraction and a visual way of self expression and advocacy.

don't diss 

my ability.



Created by Marie D.L.


Join our social media platform and connect with warriors from all over the world! Our social network is for warriors who want to escape the negativity politics and other social media platforms create.

proud to set boundaries 

up for the sake of mental health.

The r.a.r.e. community was created to be the sanctuary our founder couldn't find.  we choose not to cover political topics unrelated to accessibility to keep our community a safe and stress free environment for our founder. 



 You are 









pro tip on how to cope with a lifetime of chronic pain:



Focus your mind off of how you are feeling and onto something else.


My personal favorite distractions are watching TV with my husband, directing shows, and most importantly, ART.

Art doesn't judge you, and you have something physical to show where your time went and to be proud of. 

Aren't very artistic but need to relax? Check out R.A.R.E. Distractions and download a free coloring sheet to distract yourself!

All of our coloring distractions are designed by marie-tag @r.a.r.e.advoc8 on instagram in your colored work for a reshare! 


There are more designs here!


Speak every time you stand so you do not forget


your voice matters.

your story


Share your story,


loud & proud.


Are you a chronic, invisible, mental, or rare disease advocate? Let's collaborate!

No following required, only a genuine passion to spread support and awareness.

I am always available  for collaborations and interviews!

to get in touch and let's start


 the key to all medical advances can be found within the stories of the patients and caregivers.

The answers are hiding right in front of the experts...

Your voice has the power 

to change the future.


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The light will ALWAYS outshine the darkness.



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