Ableism Can Kill, but Mindfulness Can Save Lives


I understand that abled bodied people don’t like being told to wear a mask. BUT do you understand that every vulnerable person has been told the same thing for years?

COVID is a new contagious disease that no person has an immunity to-common sense, COVID made every person “vulnerable”, and those who were already vulnerable are extra vulnerable. Covid is not going to be the last new contagious disease either-history shows us new contagions happen, but we have more research to understand simple things that can help.

As someone with a rare genetic disease who’s sole US research foundation refuses to accept science, it’s unknown how covid will affect me, so I have to take the most precautions possible and so does my entire family who sees me. My body can’t even fight a simple UTI, it terrifies me to think of contracting the flu or covid.

I am lucky those who see me daily respect me enough to understand my life matters and is more important to them then the slight discomfort that face masks and social distancing brings. Could you forgive yourself if your loved one got sicker and couldn’t bounce back due to your own ego?

BOTTOM LINE...would you rather be forced to wear a face mask, or a ventilator?

It doesn’t matter what side of politics you are on, the fact of the matter is there is an infectious disease out there. And yes, there always is one. So we should ALWAYS stay mindful of others, if you don’t you are actively an ableist without even realizing it.

Never heard of ableism?

I’m not surprised-ableism is the equivalent of racism, only it is directed towards disabilities. Ableism is a plague that is worse than any other “hate” as disability is the one minority EVERY color is accepted. EVERY person can join it, it grows by the second AND someone you love is a victim of ableism every day!

Stop with the ignorance you make me sick.

Both physically AND metaphorically, you make me sick and I hate seeing grown adults be so careless. It’s 2020 not the dark ages, we know better so do better.

Pc: Jennifer Nelson with the fire screenshots

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