Help the Inclusion Revolution by Seeing a New Perspective

I am tired of “Disability Advocates” being part of the problem.

You are hypocritical every time you try to say my posts, graphics, and work is pointless or is “racist” for not focusing on systemic racism.

I have been called many names over the last few months, I’ve had many bullies, i have even had an abuser all come out of the “supportive” and all inclusive disability community. You can’t call yourself open minded if you disrespect me and my work all because you have a personal opinion that I am wrong. You don’t know my life, my personal experiences, or me at all, just like I don’t know you. I don’t go on random advocate’s pages and correct the, every time they say the inequality in healthcare stems from systemic racism when it actually stems from systemic ABLEISM above all else. I don’t 🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s not my place to correct you when you are passionately fighting for what you believe in and the mission is the same as mine.

I posted this picture on Instagram today and how I will not tolerate any debate on it, asking that if you disagree to do so silently.

[ALT TEXT-The words “Someone has to say this...Ableism in the US is worse than every other type of hate. You can try, but nothing can change my mind. Disabled souls lack constitutional protection under the 14th Amendment...end of story.” take up the right side of the picture in black and lime green hand lettering. “Royal Agate Splash”, a vibrant piece by Marie is to the left of the words; it features shades of reds, purples and gold shimmer. Marie’s artist logo and social media handles are in the left corner.]

When vocalizing your disagreement with this, you show your internalized ableism, you may not see it, but I (and many others) sure do.

I had someone try to debate me on this, despite the caption pleading them not to. I am glad they deleted the comment before I had a chance to reply, but I saw a portion of what they said. “Statements like this are pointless” was part of it, and I saw them start to justify that claim with “I’m a disability advocate and....”. I do not know what they had to say after that, but I hope the fact that they deleted it was because she then read the caption and realized what I was saying WASN’T pointless and that they proved it with their own actions.

Disagreement within our own community about the severity of ableism above all else will only discredit the movement—if you don’t understand why ableism is the worst form of hate currently in society, maybe it’s because you don’t know a few things, or because you personally have lived a different life than I have.

People always advocate for the inequality in America, but seem to overlook the fact that there is no constitutional protection for disability in every single conversation about inequality on a grand scale.

The SCOTUS decided in 1985 that there was not “historical systemic discrimination” towards the disabled that would warrant that protection. So the US government decided in 1985 forced eugenics, institutionalizations, and losing your career to your health is acceptable in modern society. Because the historical inhumane treatment of the disabled was approved by the SCOTUS, society has ableism engrained in every single molecule. It is literally human nature to be ableist and no one seems to be disturbed by that except those who suffer from it daily.

Everyone knows what racism is, everyone cares about homophobia, but I still get told I am in the wrong when I bring up when I am being discriminated against or when a policy is ableist in nature.

Please, I am BEGGING you. Instead of disagreeing with this and trying to tell me why we shouldn’t compare ableism with racism or sexism, see it from a different perspective than your own and help further the #InclusionRevolution 💜

I’m going to get really annoying with this guys, but it’s for you. It’s for all of us. It’s not just for me, and every time you try to discredit this you are being part of the problem, and not the solution.


. 🥄

.🥄 Need an extra spoon?

.🥄 Take a spoon, leave a spoon!




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