I Can’t Believe how so many are PRIDEFULLY Showing Their Ableism....

Let’s get one thing mother f****** straight (that’s how serious this is! MFin’ serious!!!)- I will delete and disappear from anyone’s life in an instant if you don’t understand that the politics in America warped Covid-19 into something political.

It’s disgusting and shame on BOTH parties. All of you who are spewing the media talking points are the reason people I KNOW are good souls look at me as someone who is leading the sheeple to the slaughter when I advocate WHY you should consider face masks humanist.

When I chime in, and stand my ground and have intelligent conversations, they always change their tune; they don’t realize how people in their community are so severely affected by just a little cold!

We can’t shame people for ignorance, but once they are educated that is no longer ignorance. It’s ableism.

Please everyone stand with me, this is a big part of the #InclusionRevolution—forcing the powers that be to STOP using the disabled as a political pawn.

My life is at risk. My fellow activists lives are at risk. My friends lives are at risk (even the ones who don’t like to admit they are chronically disabled!).

Please look past your own opinion, and understand that there are truly disabled souls who can’t wear a mask (one man asked me to make a sign for him, he can’t wear his with his oxygen cannula and is upset about being lumped into a group of ableists).

We don’t know why someone does what they do, all we can do is respectfully educate them and try to understand outside of our own world.

[ID-The words “F*** Your Politics! Stop allowing the disabled souls to be used as political pawns!” Are at the top. Underneath are common phrases used to justify anti face mask stances. “It’s about compliance not health” “I have rights!” “Guess I’m shopping Foodlion!” “Masks are for sheep” and “It’s Just a cold!” are all phrases that show your ABLEIST ignorance. You devalue my life & your point every time you show your ableism!” are in black and neon seafoam hand lettering. Splashes of bright blue and purple alcohol ink accent the left corner where Marie’s artist logo and social media handles are.]


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