PTSD is Personal

June is PTSD Awareness Month, and truthfully it’s never been more important to understand.

PTSD is a very personal diagnosis, and every person who has it fights a different battle.

PTSD is caused by personal experiences and that makes each person suffer from *different* triggers. It is so important (ESPECIALLY in today’s times) to remember everyone has gone through different traumatic experiences that have shaped our perspectives, and each one of us has a story that has left us with emotional scars.

I have noticed a lot of ableist comments lately when it comes to a lot of things, and these comments are coming from within the chronically ill who supposedly understand mental health.

We have to remember that despite our own suffering, others are hurting too. We sometimes have the bad habit of assuming people around us aren’t suffering like we are, and we risk invalidating loved ones without even realizing it.

We risk hurting someone who cares for us if we don’t take the time to listen. To assume someone’s PTSD is not as important as yours or someone else’s is completely invalidating and is a subconscious habit only awareness and vocalization can break.

You have no right to ever tell someone how they should feel or act. We will never know how someone else has lived, and we have no right to invalidate their struggles by telling them how they should feel or what they should be doing. You are the only person who is in control of how you feel and how you respond to your triggers, and nothing will ever change that.

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