Starting to Recover

....what a week. We physically buried our papa, and symbolically buried a lot more.

I had a psych evaluation yesterday, and I realized I’ve been very manic lately.

Mania doesn’t always show itself as risky behaviors, but can be overworking and not sleeping (which actually is pretty risky for someone with my disabilities, but I digress).

Manic Depression seems to be something I struggle with, so I need to learn the best way to balance social media advocacy without overworking. To get myself back to a stable place, I’m focusing on my art instead of working, so I won’t be very active on social media while I recover.

Art doesn’t judge you, manipulate you, or want something from you. And you have something to show where all your time and hard work went into.

I am trying to do at least one new technique a day. Digital art is my favorite artwork I’ve made so far, out of all the mediums I’ve used 💕


.🥄 Need an extra spoon?

.🥄 Take a spoon, leave a spoon!




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