There Will Never Be Equality Until We See Ableism For What It Is.

Who wants to talk about this fact??? We all care about equality, right???

The 14th Amendment must be updated to include Disability, especially given the United State’s long modern history with Eugenics.

 Everyone always preaches and advocate for “equality for all”, yet the disabled population is CONSTANTLY overlooked. So much so that no one even knows there is a term for this-ABLEISM. 

Ableism is the equivalent of racism and homophobia, only worse as no one cares about ableism. It’s a social norm. People shame racists. People shame homophobic ignorance. Yet it’s 2020 and I still get shamed for expecting “special treatment” (aka *medical accommodations*) to function. 

What amazes me is advocates within the disability community even perpetuate ableist notions all the time, and have towards me more times than I can count. Hilariously ironic, huh?

It frustrates me so much that other issues constantly outshine disability-disability matters too. We fight with you for your equality all the time. The fact of the matter is, every other minority has some form of legal constitutional protection.

 I am sorry to be blunt, but I don’t care if you think it’s not enough-at least it is there and you have legal protections.

Disability has *nothing* except a SCOTUS ruling that allows Ableists to claim disability is not a protected class. 

Every other minority is constantly making mainstream news headlines; I would know, I see it daily. But I never see any headline addressing ableism. Instead, I see people who are going crazy over a simple face mask mandate that protects the disabled.

So I know I face a long battle ahead, but I don’t care. It’s bigger than that.

The 14th Amendment must be updated to add disability so we have constitutional protections and can start to fight the fact that getting married risks losing our healthcare and in turn quality of life. The sobering truth is more disabled Americans are getting divorced because they can’t afford their healthcare as their spouse makes too much money. According to the US Census Bureau, from 2009-2018, only 593,000 million disabled Americans got married, while a staggering 1.1 million disabled Americans got divorced. During the same time period, 5.2 million abled bodied Americans got married, while only 1.5 million were divorced. 

America was founded on the fact that we all have inalienable rights including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—why are disabled Americans constantly forced to choose between life or the pursuit of happiness?

I got married knowing I threw my chance of early retirement and disability out the window, but I refused to let my body take the one thing I wanted out of life-my husband. I have suffered my entire life. I have been in pain my entire life. I have been in situations know one will ever know but ones that haunt me to this day.

But my marriage is my pride and joy. Being a wife to my soulmate has healed so many wounds.

So many. I love myself now, I am confident and I love my disabled body thanks to the unconditional love my husband gives me. I went from being in abusive relationships where sociopaths abused me, raped me, manipulated me, and left me out to dry all because of my disability.

I refuse to ever let “divorce” happen to me when married life is the first taste of pure happiness I have ever felt. 

So I must continue to work my insanely high stress job to keep my health insurance, and I fear the day I can no longer keep up. But I come out of the station to a man who loves me and doesn’t see me as a burden but as his other half. Nothing, nothing, nothing will ever take that joy from me.

So I must instead try to change the system to get the same equality that abled bodied Americans take advantage of daily without even realizing it.

You bored? Got some time on your hands? How about you learn something new!? Educate yourself on the plight that is disabled rights.  I don’t believe any of you care about equality until I see you speak up about ableism. #AbleismKills #SayItLouderForTheAbleistInTheBack

And before anyone points it out, yes there is a misspelling in the Art I made to go along with this...that’s what happens when you create art during Hemiplegic migraines. If you choose to focus on that and not the message, than you just prove my point. *shrug*

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