You Really Think I Need to Use My MHE to Feel Like I’m “Somebody”?

I am really tired of fellow MHEers trying to say I use my MHE as a way to get famous 🙄

[ID-The words “Frankly, I DON’T care or desire “fame” on social media. I just care about how my story will change the world. I don’t do what I do for a following. I do it because I know at least one soul relates. I do it because I know someone needs to hear my story to embrace theirs.” are in black and lime green hand lettering. Shades of neon purple alcohol ink frame the bottom by Marie’s Artist Logo and social media handles.]

Do you not know how ableist you are every time you spread that rumor about me?

Guys, this is my life lmao. It’s not an act.

My advocacy work is literally my own journey with self acceptance. I have no reason to put myself on a public platform except to make sure my future disabled daughter doesn’t find herself in the same hopeless situations I used to find myself in. Just because I am an attractive woman who is a professional in media and marketing which gives me extensive knowledge in engagements you feel like you can discredit science and research that ultimately benefits you? Dude really? And you call yourselves ‘open minded’ and ‘feminists’!

So many names I could name, but I choose to take the high road each time it’s presented to me so I will know in my heart I am not what they gaslight me as.

You don’t know me, but you’ll understand why I do what I do when you choose to look past the lies your toxic friends tell you.

You might notice, all my advocacy is personal. I really even feel uncomfortable lately posting selfies as I don’t want my message being overshadowed by my appearance. How sad is that? I don’t promote myself through my advocacy but I promote my mission. I feel weird bragging about myself, I feel awkward asking for endorsements for my 6 WEGO Award Nominations, you have no idea how many brands I have denied endorsing their products. I don’t do fake and I don’t do predators preying on the disabled with the promise of pain relief and false hope.

I share my exact thoughts within my art to get it off my chest, and by sharing it with the world I help empower someone else into embracing their disability. I use the beauty to shine light on the pain.

I hate all of the negativity and ignorance being thrown at me that comes along with being a Disability Influencer and Patient Advocate Leader, but I know if I didn’t do what I do, the future wouldn’t be the best it could be. I F****** HATE IT SOMETIMES THOUGH. I REALLY DO. Excuse my language but you must know how much I hate the way I am expected to always be online to reply to a stranger, or how every time I put my pain out there someone thinks they can tell me how to feel or that I am a bully. I hate all the times people have turned the tables on me, I hate how I get banned and harassed all the time for standing up for what’s right and then told I unfairly threaten legal action over petty Facebook arguments. I hate the creepy men in my DMs who clearly don’t read or else they’d know I am a VERY proud wife to an amazing man.

I don’t need any fame, I have a very successful life.

If I wanted to be famous I wouldn’t be a director, I would be on air. I have had plenty of opportunities; one time, when we built a new set, I was put on the anchor desk to fill in anchor with our main anchor as we were testing how it looked in the control room. At the end, she told me I read perfectly and was stunned to learn it was my first time on the desk. I like staying behind the scenes. I like having control of the show, despite the fact I don’t get the credit like directors should, I never want to be in front of them camera.

I don’t mention my accolades with my career as I didn’t want to be accused of bragging, but I have been Emmy nominated 5 times and won a VAB—I don’t need fame I have built a successful career already.

I don’t track my followers, my insights, my reach, my engagements, or views. I stopped paying attention to the numbers and it’s been a lot more peaceful for me.

I used to track my social media numbers, and then I realized it was driving me manic.

If you are too intimidated by my follower count or my success that I have worked hard for, kindly say nothing at all; I will still be advocating on your behalf, but I am tired of toxic energy. I won’t be rehashing the past. 𝗦𝗣𝗥𝗘𝗔𝗗 𝗧𝗛𝗘 𝗪𝗢𝗥𝗗—#AbleismKills

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